recordMyDesktop is hosted in
You can checkout a copy of the source by running:

svn co recordmydesktop-trunk-copy

or to checkout separate modules, you can run:

svn co[modulename] recordmydesktop-trunk-copy

Where [modulename] can be: recordmydesktop, gtk-recordmydesktop and qt-recordmydesktop.

Any subject concerning the development of recordMyDesktop can be directed at:
the Developers forum(requires login to post)

Problems and other issues regarding the usage of recordMyDesktop
except from Bugs can be directed at:
The users list      (More info on this list.)
the Help, Feedback and Open Discussion forums (anonymous posting allowed)

In order to report a bug, please use only the trackers at


Current Translations for gtk-recordMyDesktop.
This status is for the current CVS version and might not necceserily
apply to the latest release.

If you wish to contribute by translating to your native language,
you can always pickup the latest po template from the CVS here,
or work directly on one of the existing po files, that accompany the source distribution.

ar.po 74 translated messages, 30 untranslated messages .
ca.po 88 translated messages, 16 untranslated messages .
de.po 73 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation, 30 untranslated messages .
el.po 104 translated messages.
es.po 104 translated messages.
fr.po 104 translated messages.
it.po 104 translated messages.
ja.po 74 translated messages, 30 untranslated messages .
nl.po 104 translated messages.
pl.po 104 translated messages.
pt_BR.po 104 translated messages.
pt.po 74 translated messages, 30 untranslated messages .
ru.po 90 translated messages, 14 untranslated messages .
sv.po 104 translated messages.
tr.po 74 translated messages, 30 untranslated messages .

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