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2a        Simplest scenario

        The simplest way to start a recording is to simply left click on the tray icon, or click the record button on the main window. When you start a recording session the main window will hide itself, unless you have already done so manually through the tray icon pop up-menu.

        After starting a recording you can perform whatever operation you like. You can also pause the recording for any amount of time. When you are done, left click on the stop icon on your system tray. As soon a s you do so, a new window appear; the encoding process monitor.

by default, recordMyDesktop breaks down the overall process in two parts:
1 Capturing the data and caching to the hard disk
2 Encoding of the data into an ogg/theora-vorbis file.

The encoding window will look like this:

As the warning reads, clicking on cancel will irreversibly stop the process and discard the remaining part of the recording.

When the encoding ends the main window will reappear, unless you have manually hidden it through the tray icon pop up-menu.

After that, you can go at the location you chose to save the file (default is out.ogg in your home directory) and watch your session in your favorite media player.

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